Grist Mill Story

Out of hundreds of mills in America in colonial times, only a few survive, and fewer still operate.  As the oldest working mill in the U.S. (c.1682)this flour-producing grist mill has participated in three centuries of war, nation-building, industrial invention and agricultural heritage. 

During the American Revolution, the Wye Grist Mill and other mills
on the Eastern Shore shipped thousands of barrels of flour to the Continental Army, commanded by General George Washington.  Historians dubbed the Eastern Shore "The Breadbasket of the
American Revolution."


Prominent past owners of the Mill include Richard Bennett III, Edward Lloyd III and IV (owners of Wye House) and Col. William Hemsley, Commander of the Queen Anne's County Militia and provisioner to the Continental Army, 1779 - 1783.  Oliver Evans, "Father of the modern factory" and the first great American inventor, used the Wye Grist Mill in the 1790's to formulated automation ideas that revolutionized American factories.