Spring 2021 Speaker Series

Nevin Crouse

Nevin Crouse, professor of humanities at Chesapeake College, will discuss how the Tidewater region’s social and economic structure emerged in the 1600s and early 1700s.

Sherri Marsh Johns

In the talk by historian and preservationist Sherri Marsh Johns, "One Vast Cousinage: Family Networks and the Emergence of the Eastern Shore's Rural Elite,” participants will learn about the interlocking clans who owned vast plantations, as well as Old Wye Mill, in the eighteenth century.

Steve Childers

Steve Childers, a specialist in historic mills and blogger, will present the work of Oliver Evans, America’s first great inventor, whose continuous milling process was installed at Old Wye Mill around 1800.

Anthony Cohen

Author and historian Anthony Cohen will speak about “Great Escapes: Journeys on Maryland’s Underground Railroad.” He will focus on the areas surrounding Old Wye Mill.

Kate Livie

In her talk, Kate Livie, a Chesapeake educator and writer, will explore the ways that Chesapeake dams—for mills and for power—have transformed the environment and shaped the region's culture, from the 17th century to today.