Friends of Wye Mill, Inc.

Friends of Wye Mill, Inc. formed in 1996 as a

501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to assist with Wye Mill preservation. In 1996 Preservation Maryland transferred the ownership of the Wye Grist Mill to the Friends of Wye Mill, Inc., which is dedicated to ensuring that the Wye Grist Mill is preserved, operated, visited and appreciated as an extraordinary example of American National Treasures.

MPT Charles Robinson’s episode featuring Old Wye Mill (Part of the State Circle Show) from August 22, 2019.

MPT Farm and Harvest episode featuring Old Wye Mill from November 10, 2020.

Thank you, Maryland Public TV, for providing these videos!

Board of Directors


John G. Nizer

Vice President

Constantine Kleissas


Ellen K. Smith


Carol Bilek

Board Members

Carol Bean

Jana Carter

Mary Alice Casey

Nevin Crouse

Brenda Davis

Virginia "Jij" Duffey

Alice Lloyd

Don Regenhardt

Office Staff & Mill Committees

Rhonda Corder

Office Manager & Mill Curator



Shore Accountants